Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool # 10
Three things I would like my students to learn and have an understandstanding are:
  1. ·         how to protect their privacy
  2. ·         how to identify and prevent cyber bullying
  3. ·         how to evaluate a website to see if it is a good source

One of the resources I like is

 I like that there are a variety of videos to introduce topics, as well as quizzes and activities to follow up. I like the idea of using a fake Facebook profile to identify the safe and unsafe practices, since I know this is something most of my students use in their personal lives. I will also have them look at sample websites to evaluate after learning what to look for.

One way to share the idea of digital citizenship is to have the students go home and share it with their parents themselves. To build in accountability, the student would then be required to write a summary about what they talked about with their parents, what information was new to their parents, and what new information they learned from their parents.

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